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Groups this Fall

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Mountainside Arts Collective (MAC) regular meetings: For those interested, MAC is a group of makers that tries to imagine how creative work might be enfolded into the life of the church. Among other things, we are currently working on the Colors Project (see below).

Who: Anyone! Everyone! If creative work of any kind brings you joy, you’re welcome. We welcome writers, textile artists, photographers, painters, sculptors, designers, woodworkers, musicians, crafters, and anyone with imagination about this kind of participation.

When: Meetings will be the 3rd Friday of every month at 303 W., 12:00pm-2pm, The next meeting is this Friday, Oct 20. CHILDCARE IS PROVIDED. Upcoming dates are 10/20, 11/17, and 12/15. If you’re unavailable during the days, we’d still love to include you! Contact one of us below to get our on “hit list.”

What is the Colors Project? The Colors Project is a slow work of the Mountainside Arts Collective, with the goal of keeping the movement of the church year and the seasons of the church calendar, not just in our minds, but in our worship spaces. You will notice the colors emerging in the Foyer and Sanctuary, as well as brief explanations of their corresponding liturgical seasons. The colors come from a long-standing church tradition that visually marks the cycles of our liturgical life, understanding that God works in the rhythms of our lives and in the physical world — holding our beginnings, connected to our endings, and manifesting in cycles of death and rebirth. We are ever reminded about God’s never-ending work in the world and in us. If you would like to participate in the creation of the colors (for the Foyer, the Communion table, the Sanctuary) or the write-ups, please connect with Tricia (tjaurand@gmail.com), Deborah (deborahsmith@mountainsidecommunion.org) or Beth (breisler@gmail.com).

Ways to participate in Sunday liturgy

Our body needs a few more participants on a rotational basis (often just once a month) to make our primary gathering flow smoothly:
•1’s & 2’s – See Kammie – yiukam@gmail.com
•Confirmation – See Brad – bradmgriffin@gmail.com
•PowerPoint – See Jason – j.s.tayorpestell@gmail.com
•Sounds & Recording – See Tim – tech@mountainsidecommunion.org

2018 Mountainside Retreat

Our next retreat will be March 9-11, 2018 at Camp Stevens in Julian, California.

Adults – $160
Youth (12-18) – $130
Children (2-11) – $114

Important Dates
$10 deposit is past due. If you’re planning on coming, please submit the deposit ASAP!
11/5/17– 1st installment ($55/$45/$35)
2/4/18– 2nd installment ($55/$45/$35)
3/4/18– final installment ($40/$30/$34)

Payments and questions can be directed to retreat committee members: Chase, Misty, Peter, Destiny and Janeen.


November 18, from 8am-12pm. More details will follow

Giving Report

Please find September Stewardship Report and Mid-Year Giving Overview

September: we came in 28% under the budget goal, or $4,202 short. There were also less giving households.

Year-to-date: We are 21% behind our annual budget, which translates to $20,208.

Our goal is to have at least 40 participating, Giving households and to meet our monthly budget of $19,041.

As we approach the holidays, please consider helping us close the gap by making a contribution of any amount.

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Community Life

Upcoming IRC Fundraiser (Nov 3): Participation Needed

Dear Mountainside,

This last Sunday you all met Jean Grant, a friend of Mountainside who is currently working as a fundraiser for the Immigration Resource Center. We are very excited about the momentum around the work that began in our midst at Mountainside just 3 years ago, and we have a deep desire to have the capacity to help all the people who are coming to our doors daily for legal assistance with immigration issues.

As you heard Sunday, November 3rd marks our 3rd annual IRC gala that is taking place at the home of IRC board member and former Monrovia mayor, Mary Ann Lutz. We’d like for you to consider helping us make the event a success in one of a variety of ways such as pre-event planning (the week preceding the event), day of event early rental set-up, afternoon set up, or day of event on site help with food, parking, shuttling, greeting and more.

Please email Jean at jean@ircsgv.org to find out what you can do. If you know people that you think would want to support the work of the IRC, please ask Jean for invitations that you can send to them this week. Or, send her the addresses and she can get them out for you. We have room for 90 guests this year. Let’s have a full house!

Finally, if you are planning to attend or would like to make a donation to the IRC, do it today. We can’t wait to share how much we have raised at the end of the night and want your gift to be counted in that number.

Jean and I hope to hear from you soon!

With anticipation and gratitude,


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