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Sunday Liturgy

* Discipleship Series ~ Our Everyday “Yes” to God

* Prayer and Anointing with Oil

Life Together. . . The Rest of Sunday

* 2 • 4 • 6 Youth Group

* 2nd Half of Life Group* Contemplative Rhythm – 4th Sunday Evening Prayer

. . . During the Week

* Confirmation & Youth* Men’s Gatherings

* 303 West Coordinator – Position Open

. . . Looking Ahead

* Grieving Through the Holidays

* IRC Gala – Nov 9* Vocation Groups – Winter and Spring


Sunday Liturgy

Discipleship Series ~ Our everyday “Yes” to God

Each Sunday this fall we will be walking together through a series called, “Discipleship – Our everyday ‘Yes’ to God.” All throughout Scripture, meals offer powerful imagery for who God is, who we are, and what life is really about. In the gospels, the tables that Jesus shares with others often prompt invitations for them to follow him. We will be exploring some of these “eating stories” as a way of encouraging one another in our everyday “Yes” to God.

All are welcome to join us at the table each week!


Prayer and Anointing with oil

You may have noticed that each week we offer prayer and anointing in the back during Eucharist, if this is something that you’re interested in receiving, please know that all are welcome to receive prayer and anointing.

While we’ll be working on developing collective meaning over the next weeks and months, one thing that may come to mind, for some, is the verse from Psalm 23.5: “You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; you anoint my head with oil; my cup runs over.”

We use oil as a way of blessing one another with God’s love as it is a symbol of God’s anointing of our individual lives. We use oil as a symbol to recognize that in baptism, we are sealed in Christ. We use oil, sometimes particular kinds of oils with particular meanings, as a fragrant offering of prayer, healing, protection, and love. And we use oil for so many other purposes. We offer prayer to one another in specific ways to remember Jesus’ consistent invitation to prayer as well as his gift of prayer, touching others, and offering blessings whenever someone asked. When we consider what it means to be disciples, we know that many kinds of prayer, including interceding on others’ behalf, is a deeply important part of our lives as disciples and in loving God and our neighbors as ourselves.


Life Together

The Rest of Sunday

2 • 4 • 6 Youth Group

Youth Gathering for 5th – high school on the 2nd and 4th Sunday at 6:00 PM in Lower Basement. For information, contact Brad Griffin bradgriffin@mtside.org or Tricia Aurand tjaurand@gmail.com.


Second Half of Life Group – 2nd Sunday of the Month

Gathering for conversation surrounding second half of life transitions, we meet monthly to share our lives. Next meeting: Nov. 10 from 6:00 – 7:30 PM at Erin and David Dufault-Hunter’s home. For information, talk to Deborah deborahsmith@mtside.org or Josh joshsmith@mtside.org.


Contemplative Rhythm – 4th Sunday Evening Prayer

On the 4th Sunday of the month from 6:15 – 7:30 in the south transept of Sanctuary, we will create a quiet space and time to engage in contemplative prayer practices together as we listen for the voice of God in our midst. This prayer service is suitable for adults and high school ages.

Upcoming dates: Nov. 24.

During the Week

Confirmation & High School News

To get the full picture on what the youth of Mountainside are up to, sign up to receive the Teen Tidings. Contact Tricia tjaurand@gmail.com.


Fall Men’s Gatherings

For men looking for deeper connections and conversations about their lives around a fire. Meeting every other week over the Fall quarter from 8:00 – 10:00 PM. Locations are rotating.


* Thursday, 11/7 |DAVID SMITH hosting

* Tuesday, 11/19 |JASON SAMUELIAN hosting

* Thursday, 12/5 | DANIEL LUNDGREN hosting

* Tuesday, 12/17 | JEFF WESTRA hosting


303 West Coordinator Position

We are looking for someone to fill the 303 West Coordinator position and hope for a quick hiring process to fill this role that is vital to the smooth functioning of 303 West. Click to view job description. Bilingual preferred. Please spread the word! Contact Deborah deborahsmith@gmail.com.

Looking Ahead

Grieving Through the Holidays

For many who are experiencing grief and loss, the holidays can be a particularly difficult time to navigate. This group is for any (adults and mature adolescents) who are seeking extra support this holiday season. We will spend time reflecting and in prayer, and I will provide some basic resources that may help with coping throughout this season.

We will meet three Saturdays throughout this season – November 16th, December 21st (prior to the Longest Night service), and on January 11th.Meeting locations and times will be determined based on participant’s needs and availability. Food will likely be involved!

This group is RSVP only.If you are interested in joining or think this might be a good group for you, please reach out to Misty Easton-Wise by November 12th. Email: misty@mtside.org.


To RSVP, Sponsor or buy a table, email Jean@ircsgv.org or go to www.ircsgv.org/gala

To volunteer, email Katey.Cabrera@gmail.com


Vocation Groups – Coming this Winter and Spring

Coming alongside one another and discerning what God is doing in our lives. Sign up for future groups. Deborah deborahsmith@mtside.org


Contact Mountainside

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