Seal Beach: Thursdays
An informal Mountainside tradition is landing at Seal Beach on Thursdays, just north of the pier, for play and respite from the heat. Folks with young ones often go in the morning, but times vary.

Contact Heather or Abby for more information: or
All ages welcome!
Redondo Beach: Saturday, TBD
Since lots of folks aren’t available on Thursdays, a Saturday beach day seems in order. We will be heading to Redondo Beach for a long day of fun in the sun. Come early. Stay late.

Contact Nichole for more information:
All ages welcome!
Clamshell Hike: Saturday, 7/3
For those who like to climb mountains for the fun of it, folks will be hiking Clamshell at 9 AM. This hike is kid friendly, as evidenced on our Easter hike!

Contact Amy for more information:
All ages welcome!
Bike Ride: Saturday, 8/7
We will meet at 7 PM at Buena Vista on the Duarte Recreation Trail (Buena Vista and Royal Oaks) for a gentle three mile ride to Royal Oaks Park and back. When we are finished, ice cream will be required! Bring your pocket money!

Contact Amy for more information:
All ages welcome!
Men & Fire
Men are gathering every other week at 8 PM to connect with one another around a fire. To accommodate a variety of schedules, they are alternating between Thursday and Friday evenings: July 1 @ Nate’s, July 16 @ David’s, July 30 @ Joey’s, August 19 @ Nate’s, September 10 @ Jeff’s.

Contact Jeff for more information:
Adults only.
Life in the Garden
Growth is evident all around the building, and especially on the corner garden. Come meet some of our neighbors this summer during pop-ups scheduled alternating weeks on Wednesdays from 5-7 PM (June 16, July 15, August 11) and Saturdays from 8:30 – 10:30 AM (June 26, July 31). The All Things Tomato Workshop is on July 10 at 10 AM.

Contact Kristin at for details.
All ages welcome!

Work Morning: 6/26
On Saturday, June 26 from 9 AM – Noon, we will be doing a variety of tasks – cleaning toys on the playground and the playhouse, weeding, marking out seating, etc. – to spruce up the space for our Outdoor Worship service the next day. Come join in! Childcare on the playground will be provided.

Contact Phil at for more information.
All ages welcome!
Godly Play & Adults: 3 Sundays
Have you ever wondered about Godly Play? Would you like to engage the Bible in a more tangible and experiential way? We are offering an opportunity to participate in a Godly Play circle for adults on June 27, July 11, and July 25 at 6 PM. You can choose to participate in person (Courtyard) or via Zoom. Childcare can be available on-site. RSVPs is helpful, but not required.

Contact Jenn at or or Tiffany at for details.
Adults welcome.
Pandemic Reflections Group
What has been stirring inside of you this past year and what invitations do you see? Our lives are the content for this group as we give ourselves the space to discern lessons learned within the context of the pandemic year. This six session “committed” group will meet every third Sunday from 11:30 AM – 1 PM on the playground, and will commence once a group of up to 10 has formed. Please RSVP to reserve your spot.

Contact Sara at for more information.
Adults welcome. Group childcare can be provided if needed.
Studio Time for Common Time
At Mountainside we call the long church season of Common Time “the green growing season”. As we contemplate the question What has been growing in you?, we want to notice, name, and express those things which have been growing in us – joy, anger, creativity, depression, fear, indifference – over this past year.

We are hosting a couple of art times on the playground to make collage, paint, write poems, journal, etc. answering the question: What has been growing in you? Canvas and supplies will be available. Our hope for this “green growing season” is to make a gallery wall of our work, to be returned to the makers at Advent. Please join us on July 17 from 8-11 AM and July 30 from 8-11 AM.

Contact Deborah at or Tiffany at for details.
All ages are welcome!
Book Groups: Braiding Sweetgrass & Be The Bridge
This spring into summer, two book groups have been running, one in-person and one via Zoom. It’s not too late to join the discussion. The Braiding Sweetgrass discussion happens on Fridays at 8 PM (June 18, July 2), and Be The Bridge meets at Noon on Mondays.

Contact Kristin about Braiding Sweetgrass at for details.

Contact Colleen about Be The Bridge at for more information.
Thursday Morning Prayer
The prayer team prays for the life of our world, nation, communities, and our body Thursdays at 7:30 AM via Zoom. If you need encouragement, have a burdened heart, or simply want to contribute to the community, please join us. If you have a prayer request, please email

Contact Erin at for more information.
Zoom Link
Women’s Depression Support Group
If you find yourself desiring to be part of a group of women mutually supporting one another as each journeys with depression, please reach out. This ongoing confidential group has space for one or two additional members.

Men’s Depression Support Group
If you are a man living with depression and find yourself in need of companionship on this journey, please reach out. A small group of men are meeting for mutual support and are open to new members joining in.

Contact Deborah at to connect.
Grief Support Group Forming
As we come out of this year, which held loss for so many, we are wondering about forming a grief support group. If you would benefit from and be interested in this kind of group, please reach out. When we have 4-6 people, we will form a group.

Contact Deborah at for more information.