Compassionate Action

Criteria for Compassionate Action Funds Distribution:


Relational:  Because Jesus calls us to love our neighbors, our church body is encouraged to be connected to those around us who are in need. C.A. funds are available (upon approval) for our members who have identified a need with clarity, regarding a neighbor, friend, or family member.  This requires consistency in relationship and persistence in follow-up.  It is the responsibility of the person requesting funds to investigate the immediate need through the existing relationship.  Assisting our own Mountainside members who are in need also falls into this category of relationship.

GeographicalBecause Mountainside Communion maintains a visible and active presence in its own community of Monrovia, Compassionate Action funds are available (upon approval) to support local initiatives that serve people in need.  These local organizations or events do require Mountainside member’s involvement or ongoing relationship.  Examples of geographical financial aid:  Ongoing relationship with the Foothill Unity Center, Monroe Elementary School, and the Monrovia Y-Life project alongside communities that benefit from deferred action immigration services.

Global/RelationalAlthough Mountainside emphasizes a focus on local mission; its leaders maintain a global perspective with a desire to contribute to the needs of our world’s most vulnerable people.  C.A. funds are available (upon approval) to support global ministries that involve Mountainside members.  Outside of the denomination tithe towards the Nazarene World Evangelism Fund and Nazarene Compassionate Ministries, our global giving must have a relational connection.  Examples:

  • support for family members serving abroad where a major natural disaster strikes
  • support for sister churches with ongoing sustainable ministries domestically or in developing nations.  Current examples: children’s home in Santiago, Chile; emergency relief in the medical mission of SAM in Bolivia
  • An international project developed by members of Mountainside Communion (example: 2006 well project for Darfur)

For more information or questions, please contact the church at (626) 415-8170.