Emily’s Story

From Emily T.

I belong to a cadre of ones who choose to be holy as unto The Lord, not good or moral or clean or pure merely, or as far as human nature may take one – rather as part of a framework designed by The Architect, God Himself, to make men holy and pure and righteous by His enabling power and love, in order to carry out His will and to please Him. (Hebrews 10: 24-25)

Having left my friends, church, and home in Oregon, because of critical injury in April, 2012, and being unable to recover alone, my sister and her husband moved me to California in November and graciously folded me into their home. I prayed, asking my Heavenly Father to lead me to a vibrant and authentic church, intentionally desiring to live for Christ, and He clearly led me to Mountainside Communion, Church of the Nazarene, in spring, 2013. Their voices are compassionate, deeply purposeful and unselfish, searching and grappling to find out what it means to live out God’s love. I like and respect my pastor, and for all my people, I wish to stand by them… and with them.