Online Giving

We thank you for your continued commitment to worshiping God through tithes and offerings. If you would like to learn how to automate your tithes and offerings, please email and our Finance Team will be happy to assist you. PayPal giving is available, but PayPal charges Mountainside a percentage fee.

Our Philosophy of Stewardship

At Mountainside Communion, we want to deal with our money in a way that is in line with the generosity that God shows and asks of all of his people. It is in the Bible that we find both instruction and example of how the people of God give their money. We at Mountainside Communion want to learn from the saints of the past and give and organize our money in the generous ways that God’s people have given throughout history. Therefore, we have decided to organize our money received in the following ways:

General Fund

Even before the law was given to Moses, God’s people understood the importance of giving back to God, who had taken care of and supported them through life. The initial money that was given was called a ‘tithe’, which means ‘one tenth.’ This tithe was used to support the priesthood and the ministries that the priesthood cultivated. In a similar way, we at Mountainside Communion see our General Fund being used to support the ministry of our congregation—ministry that needs to happen if we are going to be a spiritually mature congregation that exists to make a difference in the world.

Compassionate Action Fund

We at Mountainside Communion do not want to become self-absorbed, but want to continually grow in our efforts to participate in God’s kingdom beyond ourselves. Therefore, we transfer 10% of our monthly income into our ‘Compassionate Action Fund’ and plan on increasing this amount over time. Whether being used to help those in need within our congregation and local community or used to support global ministries and initiatives, it is our financial attempt to enter creatively and compassionately into the pain and injustice of our world.

Special Projects

Just like the nation of Israel took special offerings for special projects, we, too, will occasionally take special offerings for specific purposes. When this is to happen, we will seek congregational consensus before soliciting money beyond what has been budgeted. We want to be flexible and able to follow when God may lead us in a specific direction.