My Godly Play Experience

From Anna

We first came to Mountainside because some of our friends recommended it to us. I went to Godly Play for the first time and recognized Jordan S., who I knew because we had a neighbor who was a friend of her family. It was comforting to know someone at this new church. We were looking for a new church because our old church was kind of far from our house, plus my parents wanted a new experience with a church. We had already visited many churches and I really wanted to stay at Mountainside. First of all, I knew Jordan S. and her sister Taylor, which was really awesome, but also because I loved Godly Play. It was so fun and helpful to learn a story and then have response time afterward! I loved the way the stories were told, too. It wasn’t just out of a book like at my old church, it was a live story told with mini wooden figures, tiny buildings, and descriptive words.

I soon felt at home at Mountainside and knew almost everyone who went to the church, and definitely every kid! I loved to hear the stories told at Godly Play because I had never heard any of them. They were told with story boxes filled with tiny characters, objects, and buildings from the story. I remember that my favorite stories were the ones that were in the sand box, or desert. My favorite story is the story when Moses went up on the mountain to talk to God. I loved how the storytellers smoothed the sand with their hands and told the story so calmly and carefully. I enjoyed listening to the story each Sunday and responding afterward.

Soon, Godly Play friends became more like family. I enjoyed playing with everyone and engaging in the stories told. I remember Godly Play as a place where I learned a lot, and grew more faithful and knowledgeable with every story I was able to hear. I also love Confirmation, the group I am in now, but I remember Godly Play as a great blessing that I am glad I got to be part of. I believe that God chose this church to be the right place for me and many others. I want to thank the Godly Play leaders who devote themselves to helping us learn more and grow in the love of Christ. You leaders really helped me learn so much more about God and the stories of Jesus. So three cheers for Godly Play, where I learned so much and had loads of fun!