The Big Ride

From Caleb

It was two years ago on retreat when me and my brothers, Owen and Ryan (who are also brothers), and Jack and Miles found a big hill.Once we saw it we all wanted to ride our bikes on it. Once we got to the foot of it, we noticed that the bottom had tire treads, so we all—except for Zach—backed out of riding down. We all slowly made our way up the hill to the top. Zach was a little hesitant, but did not change his mind. Once he went down, the six of us were shocked because Zach did not fall during the ride, but once he hit the bottom of the hill his front tire hit the tire tread and he flipped over his bike. We rushed down the hill to see if Zach was all right; fortunately, he was. We all started laughing because it was pretty funny when Zach flipped. Over the next couple of years we have gone back to that hill and have had great and thrilling memories.