The Confirmation Kids Reflect on Godly Play

From Anna:

Godly Play was really a fun place. I learned a lot and got to have great Christian friends. Godly Play was very small when I started going there, but grew rapidly. I loved to learn about each story as each storyteller told the story in a unique way. My favorite story was Moses in the desert when he talked to God. It was so fun to play with the sand for response time and know that someone had talked and spoken with God. I learned a lot there and will always remember it well.

From Caleb:

Godly Play is always loud and happy. We would do cool projects and they looked amazing. We also had the sandbox. It is an awesome place and I always enjoyed myself.

From Lily:

I remember Godly Play as a very creative and artistic place where everyone could hang up their artwork or show their creativity. I know that Godly Play was always a place of worship, where we could tell stories, ask questions, and make crafts about our story. The sandbox, as an example, was my favorite. There was also a lot of comparing, where we would go outside and try to compare nature to our stories or God’s word.

From Sean:

Godly Play is: fun, lots of people, colorful, nice teachers, the sandbox. Godly Play is a peaceful place for loving God. I remember the Exodus story. We used to have snack, and we raised around 1,100 dollars for Sudan.