Top 10 Reasons We Love Mountainside Communion

From Janeen and Jason

  1. We can walk to church!
  2. Our children (snotty, rambunctious, and loud) are welcomed with open arms, loved and looked after in our absence.
  3. We are able to hear from many different teachers each Sunday offering different perspectives and insight into the Word of God.
  4. Communion Gatherings give us the opportunity to connect on a more personal level.
  5. The diaconal team strives to provide church leadership that takes into consideration the needs of all of our members.
  6. We appreciate the opportunity to share and discuss within our regular worship service.
  7. We enjoy sharing in the work of a participatory church where all skill sets are acknowledged.
  8. Really cool people attend MC (even our neighbor agrees!). We’ve enjoyed getting to know each person we’ve met.
  9. All are welcomed, valued and loved. Diversity is celebrated and we come to the table just as we are.
  10. Support and partnership in journeying through life together. This is by far the best thing about Mountainside and we are constantly reminded of this. Starting from receiving an unexpected meal when we had our very first foster placement to having friends offer to be our official certified back-up care givers. Even this past Sunday as I walked in the door—late, alone with two kids and carrying some bags, one friend helps with my bags while another takes David to the baby room. At MC, we are supported, well cared for and loved.